It all started in 1986, when Abraham Merchant and Richard Cohn first met. Their friendship grew into a business partnership that began with a Brazilian restaurant in the East Village and continued to develop into a series of successful ventures across Manhattan including Art Bar, Merchants NY, SouthWest NY and Pound & Pence.

Their latest venture, Oaxaca Mexican Grill, is a fast casual Mexican restaurant. The name is a nod to the state of Oaxaca, Mexico and its culinary reputation for diverse, fresh and flavorful cuisine. Oaxaca Mexican Grill prides itself on using naturally raised and high quality cuts of meat; a tender beef brisket for shredded beef and a flavorful filet mignon for the steak option. All of Oaxaca’s fresh ingredients create delicious flavors and healthy choices.

We strive for love from you and for our environment – from the use of reclaimed wood in construction to our eco friendly packaging utilizing compostable and recyclable containers.

Then there's our staff – welcoming, friendly and always happy to see you!

Abraham and Richard have delivered 25 years of quality, consistency, value and customer service in the hospitality industry. Oaxaca continues these traditions naturally.

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