In order to fulfill the meaning of “Love Thy Burrito,” one must Love Thy Ingredients. Oaxaca Mexican Grill places a huge focus on providing fresh, tasty and natural products. All of the meats used at Oaxaca Mexican Grill are naturally raised with no hormones.

“Love Thy Beef”

Our beef brisket and filet mignon comes from Ruprecht’s. Ruprecht’s ensures quality by allowing their cattle to be raised naturally in miles and miles of open pastures where the cattle can roam freely in their own natural herds and graze on grass and legumes. Ruprecht’s guarantees the highest quality, best tasting, all natural, antibiotic-free and hormone-free beef.

“Love Thy Pork”

All of the pork products at Oaxaca are naturally delicious with nothing added. Hatfield Pork ensures that all of their livestock is grain-fed, antibiotic and hormone residue free. Each pig is fed only the finest wholesome grains and kept under the strictest of quality standards and safest animal practices. Every pork product is carefully selected and hand-trimmed.

“Love Thy Chicken”

Pilgrim’s Pride All Natural Chicken is fed only top quality nutritionally balanced and FDA approved feed. A fresh white chicken without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives allows people to enjoy a true and fresh chicken flavor.

Taste And Enjoy The Flavor Of Quality And Freshness.

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